Amazon Queen

Slot machine test: Amazon Queen

Also if the suspicion is close, so the name of the Amazons not from Amazon flowing into Brazil. It is believed that it is reversed, because the Amazons originated in Greek mythology. But this is in the slots Amazon Queen only casually interested in, because this is not a history lesson, but to play on the rollers, which show the correct icons for profits in the best case.

Slot casino you can play Amazon Queen online and on profit hunting go, as long as no Amazons in the way. Because the are but don't worry, here to help you. The slot machine from the House of Williams interactive got a chic ambiance that sends you deep in the jungle. There are not only war er princesses waiting for you, but also all sorts of other things that must not be missed in such a setting. By the mysterious snake up to the Parrot. And all symbols of course also for fulfilment and should provide you with prizes. Play you Amazon Queen, inter alia in the vending machine Casino CasinoEuro. Also a short free version to the Amazon Queen without registration play offered there.

Play Amazon Queen online now!

Amazon Queen online game

-Five reels and 20 pay lines waiting here. So is Amazon Queen in the tradition of the slots, because the mechanism will seem obviously familiar to you. You turn in each round on the new and hope that the symbols of the slots to form rows. While the same symbol is repeatedly on a payline, so that it becomes a winning line, which is profitable. Actually the winning lines must begin far left, the Gorilla who can start a series, also from the right side of the exception but.

Slot game symbols in the Amazon Queen online slot

Interesting about this slot game is that it has symbols such as suits. So hearts, Spades, diamonds and clubs. All four occur on one in a normal variant, but also again in two different variants, which bring some benefits. The Parrot and the Tigers are the best symbols behind the gorilla. The Amazon is the wild symbol and can be on the Middle three reels.

As soon as a winning line was formed, you gain profit. Which is how high, consists of the length of the series, your usage and the respective symbol. Higher usage and a better icon bring of course even better gains.

Slot machines instructions from Amazon Queen

If you Amazon Queen play for free, then you can do also in the CasinoEuro. Without registration, you can try out a few minutes the slot machines. A sign even more. And if you make a deposit before, you can play for real money of course. The slot machine is really self-explanatory. There are settings for the line and the usage. As can be activated also an automatic mode in which the rollers in each round of turn alone. But also at any time, you can exit this mode to adjust, for example, use new. If you want to keep the usage high, down do you compensate a few line.

Conclusion to the Amazon Queen test

The slot game Amazon Queen from the House of Williams, interactive has everything that a good online slot must have. By design, it is not the most original slot of all time, but he has a coherent theme that is reflected also on the icons. The mechanism of the online slot machine runs smoothly. The highlight is certainly the Gorilla, who works here by the two sides and is thus increased chances of winning. The symbol appears again actually and higher profits allow lucky to grazing. The smaller icons of course bring no high profits, but relatively regularly come to the fore. And also the Amazon as the big wild know their task to perform clever.

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